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Every Child Matters

Valerie Etanda is in aid of Vulnerable, Destitutes Children and Orphans with Sickle Cell Anaemia in Africa.

Below are just some immediate initiatives that we provide and offer.

  • Breakfast and food clubs
  • Pay for hospital fees
  • Getting children off street and into orphanages and residential schools
  • Provide educational materials
  • Education, clothes,shoes, toys, and classroom materials writing pads, pens pencil colouring pens/pencils, chalk boards, tables and chairs.

Our main belief is to the best of our abilities and to ensure that no Vulnerable, Destitute Children and Orphans ends up forgotten or without help.

We provide different services tailored to the individual needs of each vulnerable, destitute or orphan child.

For details and get in touch with us on +447440225741.

Valerie Etanda in Congo


£3.00 per week, per child

Valerie Etanda in DR Congo Hospital

£28 Cot per Child

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